Elegance coach reveals easy ways to look good even in a hurry

Coco Chanel once said, “Simplicity is the key of elegance,” and one elegance guru seconds that motion.

International elegance coach Anna Bey revealed simple ways to look sophisticated even when in a rush.

“There are ways you can completely transform your appearance and look really classy even though you were panicking when getting ready,” Bey, 37, shared in a YouTube video with over 260,000 views.

The Geneva, Switzerland resident started her coaching business to “help women improve themselves so they can live their best lives.”

Bey believes in “when you look good you feel good,” a phrase she encourages everyone can practice even when in a rush.

She tells her followers to avoid having a bad hair day, which can often detract from a woman’s elegance. Bey suggests having a go-to hairstyle that’s simple and quick to do.

“I would say definitely just putting your hair up in some form of bun or easy up-do is a perfect solution when you are in a rush for most of us,” Bey confessed. 

Anna Bey revealed simple ways to look sophisticated even when in a rush. Anna Bey/YouTube

And for people who fear their greasy hair can’t be tamed to establish a sleek bun, Bey has a solution.

“My hair can be greasy for [sleek back bun], I just add a little bit of dry shampoo and cover that up and voila, elegance in just one minute.”

The elegance coach admits having a groomed hairstyle takes precedence over a full face of makeup, which can be applied on if you have a few spare minutes or during your commute.

Another way to have an elegant look while in a rush is to have wrinkle-free clothing.

“When you are in a rush you’re not going to have time to steam your clothes,” Bey adds. “Just have tunnel vision on those fabrics in your closet that do not wrinkle and are already hanging there wrinkle-free.”

Bey recommends having a capsule wardrobe inside your closet that you can always rely on when you’re short on time. A capsule wardrobe eliminates the stress and panic of finding the right outfit since you already have pre-assembled looks.

Bey, 37, lists different ways to embody elegance even during a time crunch. She suggests having wrinkle-free clothing is a must. Anna Bey/YouTube

But she supports wearing accessories like hats and heels that can “instantly lift your elegance so that you look put together even if you’re wearing something really boring.”

The 37-year-old coach doesn’t endorse wearing both pieces together. It’s best to choose a hat or heels.

Heels can make “your outfit look so much better,” Bey said. “Even if that means just having a little small block heel, as soon as your flat foot is elevated a tiny bit, it elongates your body.”

However, Bey believes sneakers are “not really the most kind of sophisticated type of shoe.”

And if you’re going to wear flats, consider throwing on a trendy hat which can help your look.

“A glamorous hat is going to transform your outfit instantly and the bonus point with that is that you can have a really bad hair day underneath,” she quips.

The elegance coach, who resides in Geneva, wants to help women improve themselves. Anna Bey/Instagram

Although many people love rocking a blazer, Bey admits it’s one of her least favorite fashion pieces, but she can’t deny how much it enhances a simple outfit.

The elegance coach remains devoted to uplifting her clients by making them feel confident in their attire.

“I’ve helped tens of thousands of women ignite or reclaim their self-worth,” Bey’s website reads. “I hope to inspire my audience with a balanced view on the finer things in life, while always valuing first the things that fills you with genuine happiness.”


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