27 Best T-Shirts for Women, Tested & Reviewed for 2024

27 Best T-Shirts for Women, Tested & Reviewed for 2024

<p>Quality tees are an accessible luxury—they’re durable and comfortable, but can also be the simple piece that pulls a luxe outfit together. (There’s a reason many fashion designers wear a humble T-shirt to take their final bows.) And there is a lot of range: Every T-shirt in my wardrobe has a specific purpose. Clingier, cropped tees are the perfect complement to high-rise, wide-leg jeans; cashmere crewneck or V-neck shirts are for lounging with coordinating sweatpants. A white crewneck tee is an essential for days I want to look unfussy yet polished. Deshais adds that <a href=” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>striped tees like AYR’s</a> are no-brainers with a pair of jeans, and in slightly dressier outfit formulas: “Lately I’m more interested in wearing them back to full-leg slacks or slip skirts, and peeking out from under sweaters.” </p><p>There are some qualities the best T-shirts all share, whether you’re searching for a dressier boatneck shirt or a breathable tee for working out: high-quality fabrics, an expansive range of sizes, and a sense of comfort so satisfying you won’t want to take it off. No one T-shirt can do it all, but an edit of a select few will have you covered—and these shirts all feel like everyday luxuries. After reading hundreds of shopper reviews and testing dozens of tees myself, I’ve gathered the 27 best T-shirts for women, for every outfit, occasion, and state of mind. </p>”/>

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