Jeans Trends 2024: 9 Chic New Styles and Colours to Try

Jeans are the bedrock of my favourite outfits, but that hasn’t always been the case. I remember when skinny jeans dominated the market for what felt like years and, feeling like they didn’t suit me, I swore off of them for years. However, in the last half decade or so, jeans trends have come into their own, with more cuts, lengths and colours to choose from than ever. For me, I’ve been converted into wearing them thanks to the straight-leg and loose-fit styles that make me feel good about my figure, and reclaiming the joy in wearing jeans has made me all the more adventurous—now, I’m willing to give any style a whirl. 

From crisp white shirts and loafers to a blazer layered over a bra top and heels, jeans are my go-to for almost every occasion. In fact, as 90% of the outfits I wear between September and March will involve a pair of jeans, I can always justify treating myself to a new pair at this time in the year. But which to choose?