Filson Takes On The Women’s Fashion Market With Cristina Calori At The Helm

Filson is a well-known brand established in 1897, famous for producing high-quality, rugged outdoor clothing and accessories. Many celebrities like Ryan Gosling, David Beckham, and Matthew McConaughey have been spotted wearing Filson. The brand is famous for its iconic jackets, including the Mackinaw Cruiser, and known for its lifetime guaranteed quality products that will sustain the most demanding outdoor environment.

This 127-year-old brand had predominantly focused on menswear until today when Filson announced the launch of a full women’s collection that will be in-store by August this year. The collection will initially launch in the US and then expand to Europe. Leading the Filson Women’s Collection is Cristina Calori, the founder of WP Lavori in Corso, an Italian clothing company that has specialized in heritage brands since 1982. Cristina and her father, Giuseppe Calori, founded WP Lavori as a distributor of American heritage brands in the European market. Since then, the company has expanded to become a multi-brand retail and distribution company with stores and offices in Italy, the UK, and Japan. The family business model continues; Cristina works with her daughters, Gaia Vitolo and Carlotta Vitolo.

Upon seeing the Filson brand, Calori was immediately struck by its uniqueness. She envisioned a women’s collection that would complement outdoor and urban environments and take the brand to new heights. The women’s line had previously been an afterthought and was heavily influenced by the men’s collection. Calori recognized its potential and decided to give it the attention it deserved by creating a standalone collection for women. “When we launched other heritage American legacy brands in Europe, we had a lot of success with the women’s demographic — it was 70% women to 30% men. We believe we can replicate that success with Filson. The brand is strong, e-commerce is strong, and retail presence is strong. It made sense to open up the world of Filson to the female customer. It presented an untapped opportunity, a natural progression,” said Calori.

The collection boasts the same elements, craftsmanship, and quality as what Filson is known for, with a lifetime guarantee that provides a significant sustainability benefit.

Filson’s Chief Creative Officer, Alex Carleton, said, “Our unique history, region, and archive collection were core to inspiring our designs. The women’s project offered a unique opportunity to reimagine our heritage pieces and consider how to evolve them. We started with a few of our iconic styles, like the Mackinaw Wool Cruiser, Tin Cruiser, and Rugged Twill Bags, and reimagined them. Our proprietary wool and waxed fabrics were redefined through a new lens for comfort and versatility. Throughout this process, we worked closely with legacy textile mills in the UK and Italy to achieve lighter, softer products and adjust the fit for a modern look.

The loose fit pieces in our archives were built for movement and became a reference point for the boxy modern shapes that define our fit philosophy. I’m confident that we’ve achieved a unique point of view – combining references from our past with updated sensibility. The clothes are functional yet stylish, defining a new American outdoor vibe; they can be put to work in the field or the ranch but can also express the Filson personality in town.”

“With strong customer demand, our owners recognized an opportunity to open up the world of Filson to a female audience. Cristina’s passion and dedication helped make this a reality. She has specialized in American fashion since 1981, investing years to create an enormous archive of classic American sportswear that cuts across categories. We’ve been outfitting women for decades but never catered to them. With Cristina’s vision and leadership and support, that was able to change.” said Neil Morgan, Head of Strategy at Filson

With decades of business experience, Calori’s advice to female entrepreneurs is “The three P’s “- Patience, Persistence, and Passion. Work hard, stay curious, and keep an open mind. Always take the risk, but listen to your gut feeling. She learned this lesson at the very beginning when she began distributing American brands in the European market in the 80s. Calori said, “High fashion was having its moment in Italy (Armani, Ferragamo, Gucci, etc.)… and I was trying to drive demand for American Sportswear. I was patient with myself, persisted, and eventually found the right sales avenue. Finally, with a passion for marketing – we found a way to incept the young generation of the 80s using comics – success was just around the corner.”

Calori also said, “The world has changed so much. But I would tell myself to stay curious! Without curiosity, it’s hard to stay on top of trends, marketing, and design. Our company is 75% young women, and this is really important to me because you need to keep evolving, learning, staying on top of the now, and not living in the past. “


Established in Seattle in 1897 to outfit prospectors headed for the Yukon, the company’s 127-year legacy is built upon its reputation for honesty, quality, and durability. Filson’s long-lasting gear is the choice of explorers, adventurers, ranchers, hunters, anglers, engineers, and anyone with a passion for the outdoors. Filson currently has 11 stores across the United States and four international locations. Over a century after its founding, the Filson headquarters remain in Seattle, Washington. For more information, visit and follow them @filson1897


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